Design that stands out and tells stories

The poetic inspiration of the Sakura lamp
Younger sister of the Physalis luminaire, Sakura was launched in February 2020 by Accord Lighting, and synthesizes a poetic design. In this video, we present the concepts behind its creation.


February 2022
Photos & videos at Casa Mollde
The launching of the Villar chair, exclusively signed by Alexandre Rocha for Pollus , took place at Casa Mollde , in São Paulo. On the occasion, a photo and video session was held to promote this new item on the manufacturer's social networks. The Villar chair stands out for the lightness of its design, and is produced in different finishing patterns.


June 2021
Integrating design and engineering  in high-complexity project
Lotus Healthcare, headquartered in Araucária, Paraná, recently launched Pégaso X-Ray Mobile, with a design project carried out by our team. To the previously developed engineering, we added factors for aesthetic, ergonomic, and operational improvements of this medical equipment, which has mobility as its main characteristic. A healthcare equipment with the best of world technology.


November 2020
Design Oriundi 2020, at Gabriel Monteiro

The Design Oirundi exhibit, created by curator Joice Joppert Leal, took place in November 2020, at the ByKamy and Idália Brasil stores at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro, in São Paulo. Several items from our recent production represented the studio, with special emphasis on the Sakura lamp, Milá chair and Aruanã coffe table. 


April 2019
Morena: Brazilian talent at Milan Design Week

The Morena chair was launched at Abimad in February 2019, with great success. Shortly after the launch, it was selected by Objeto Brasil to compose the exhibition "Brazil: Essentially Diverse", by Apex Brasil, at Milan Design Week, from April 8 to 14, 2019. The item was viewed by visitors from more than ninety countries.


February 2022
Release of the Pontal Collection
Comprising a round table, a chair with armrests, and a lounger, the Pontal Collection was inspired by the exuberant nature of the seacoast of the state of Paraná, whose most appreciated location is Ilha do Mel. The design of the items was conceived to provide harmony and comfort to users of outdoor spaces and balconies. Great to start the year with such an expressive release! 


March 2021
Ancezki photo production
In March, we received in our studio in Curitiba the new furniture items designed for Anezki of Bento Gonçalves.  In addition to carrying out the final ergonomics evaluations, we have promoted a special photo session on the premises of Oslo Design. Oslo is a furniture, lighting, and objects store with a focus on authorial design, with curatorship by architect Cláudia Guimarães da Costa. In the photo, our complete team: Guilherme, Helena, Bruna, Daniela, Alexandre and Nathália.


September 2020
Kiklos Architects, brand design

Greek architect Grammatiki Zamani coordinates the Dubai-based studio Kiklos Architects and entrusted our team with the creation of their brand identity. The approved solution is this elegant monogram, which merges the initials of the name with the schematic drawings of architectural plans.


May 2018
Aurora: an incursion into the medical-hospital area

The Aurora digital mammograph was designed by our team in 2017 for the radiology equipment manufacturer Lotus Healthcare. A complex project, which required detailed research of technologies and usage situations. Aurora has been on the market for two years, after being approved by the regulatory authorities of the Ministry of Health, and has dozens of units in operation.


September 2021
Film & photo production at Casa Bazzotti
With 400 square meters of area, and a beautiful project by architects Alexandre Ruiz and Thaís Saboia, Casa Bazzotti was the setting for a new film & photo production about the work of our studio. The photos by Ricardo Perini, and the videos produced by OUA Oficina Urbana Audiovisual, will be shown on our social media.


February 2021
Finalist of the iF Design Award 2021

We started the year with the excellent news that our Milá chair, produced entirely in cast aluminum, was selected for the final stage of this which is the most important design award in the world. Designed for outdoor areas, it is a piece that gives a radically contemporary touch to an age-old production process - sand mold casting.


April 2019
Physalis: Brazilian design for the world

Physalis was conceived as a collection of luminaires aimed at the United States market. The project briefing defined the use of wood finishes as the great differential and stipulated technical conditions for approval in the North American market. The collection consists of the column, lamp, sconce, pendant, and ceiling light. The pieces were presented at the 2018 Chicago Light Fair, and also at the 2019 edition of Euroluce - Salone del Mobile Milano. In Italy, the lampshade version was published in the prestigious Milanese newspaper Corriere della Sera , as an example of the exuberant Brazilian design.



August 2017

Mirante: expression of high-tech furniture

The Mirante sideboard was designed for Vogue, having been launched at High Design in August 2017. The design of the parts was conceived based on the highly technological potential of the factory, which has a numerical command (CNC) wood machining center. This feature expands the possibility of creating complex shapes and inserts, with total precision.