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Luminária Physalis

Brazilian design for the world

Physalis is a collection of luminaires developed to be sold in the American market. The project briefing defined wood finishes as a main differential, and stipulated technical conditions for approval in the US. The collection consists of column, table lamp, sconce, pendant and ceiling light.

With an iconic design, the collection was presented at the 2018 Chicago Light Fair, and also at the 2019 edition of Euroluce - Salone del Mobile Milano. In Italy, the table lamp version was published in the prestigious Milanese newspaper Corriere della Sera, as an example of exuberant Brazilian design.

Cadeira Morena
Poltrona Milá

Morena: Brazilian talent at Milan Design Week

Morena chair was launched at Abimad, in São Paulo, in February 2019, with great success. Shortly after the launch, it was selected by Objeto Brasil to compose the exhibition "Brazil: Essentially Diverse", presented by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Milan Design Week, from April 8 to 14, 2019. The piece of furniture was viewed by visitors from over ninety countries, representing the excellence of Brazilian design.

With a design that integrates seat and back on a single shell , it presents a fesh approach in the design of slatted wood outdoor furniture.

Milá: a revival of an ancient manufacturing technique

Soon after we returned from our trip to the Salone del Mobile Milano, in April 2019, a new challenge arose: to design a collection of outdoor furniture entirely manufactured in cast aluminum, using sand molds. The process is fascinating and allows the creation of organic forms with a lot of freedom.

The result is the Milá Collection, with a design inspired by the shapes of Casa Milá, by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

Presented to the public at Abimad 28, in February 2020, it achieved great prominence.

Aparador Mirante


high-tech furniture

The Mirante sideboard was designed for Vogue, having been launched at High Design Expo, in São Paulo, in August 2017. The design of its wooden base was conceived to take the most out of the high technology available at its factory, notably the CNC woodworking tools.  

This feature is a powerful ally of design, as it expands the possibility of creating complex shapes and fits, with total precision. As a result, we have an expressive and aerial design.

Poltrona Moon
Poltrona Dalva


conquering space, with great comfort

Developed in partnership with Ancezki, Moon armchair was launched at Abimad in February 2019, in São Paulo, and soon afterwards shipped to Italy, to take part in the exhibition"Brazil: Essentially Diverse", presented by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Milan Design Week, from April 8 to 14, 2019.

The great design differential of Moon armchair is the integration of arms and backrest, in a shell of continuous lines, within which the rounded seat fits. The feet are in laser-cut, wooden laminated carbon steel.


your little private planet

Dalva armchair was launched at Abimad 28, in February 2020. With rounded shapes and a light and expressive wooden base, its design was inspired by the Little Prince´s individual planet. It is compact, very comfortable and proposes to be a person´s intimate retreat.

An item with iconic design, which was an immediate success among sales representatives and shopkeepers.

Amamógrafo Aurora

an incursion into the healthcare industry

Aurora digital mammograph was designed by our team in 2017 for the radiology equipment manufacturer Lotus Healthcare. A complex project, which required a detailed research of technologies and usage situations.


Aurora has been on the market for two years, after being approved by the regulatory authorities of the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Buffet Tamboré
Poltrona Esdra


life gets better without edges

The Tamboré buffet has its sides composed of multilaminated curved plywood, eliminating sharp edges and corners and thus facilitating its insertion in compact and multifunctional homes and offices.

It has metalic  feet, a box laminated with natural cinamomo wooden blade, and a base made of machined solid wood.

featured at Abimad 28

An armchair with an absolutely unusual design, but at the same time very comfortable. This seems to be the formula for the success of the Esdra armchair, which was launched in the 28th edition of Abimad, in February 2020, in São Paulo.

It is a piece of furniture with a design that arises from the desire to give expressiveness to the metal that makes up its structure.


A carbon steel tube surrounds the backrest, supports the wooden arms, and extends at an angle, forming the frontal feet. The high back, with overlapping headrest, gives it the touch of grandeur.

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